Atlanta Bread Company

Completed 2019 at 3 Owl Agency

  • Website
  • Branding
  • Menu Design

Visually and structurally strengthened a franchise restaurant client brand and website, providing them a unified corporate standard, resulting in a 300% increase of local store webpage traffic and doubled average page visit time from 00:51 to 2:11 minutes.

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Atlanta Bread Website Homepage
Brand Evolution

Atlanta Bread needed a brand evolution to be technically compatible with the web. After researching the competitive landscape and leaning into the company’s history, we paved the way for their future with a brand update, new iconography, patterns, and photography.

Atlanta Bread Brand Guidelines
Atlanta Bread Icons Animation Atlanta Bread Testimonials Animation
Limited Time Offers

The newly introduced brand identity was only the beginning for implementing a brand system. Atlanta Bread’s seasonal LTO campaigns were reimagined with new rules in mind to establish consistency to all regular in-store and newly formed online touchpoints. Our ruleset gave them the flexibility to change the theme from season-to-season without diverging from their brand.

Atlanta Bread Print LTOs Atlanta Bread Web LTOs
Web Accuracy

It was important for all local store pages to reflect accurately the respective daily rotating soups and varying local favorites. Every detail of each local menu was audited to ensure all third-party systems and the menu design truly reflected the items available. This allowed the framework for a systematic menu that could be used for both the corporate menu and each local menu.

Atlanta Bread About Image Atlanta Bread Menu Title Load-in
Atlanta Bread Half-and-Half Animation Atlanta Bread Menus
Powered by Systems

SinglePlatform, our choice for menu data management, was the single source of truth for our website and all data being piped to Google. As the agency, we served as the middleman between our restaurant client, SinglePlatform, the menu, the design system, and the development team. This required every decision, touchpoint, and communication to be thoughtful and purposeful in order to ensure that every single location was represented accurately to increase sales.

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