VitaLink Research

Completed 2019 at 3 Owl Agency

  • Website
  • Database
  • Branding

VitaLink was ready for the next phase of their company’s growth, needing flexibility for expansion and cohesion across their multi-state locations. Their story over the years had slowly focused its attention on their network and being more accessible with what they offer to their ever-growing patient network.

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VitaLink Research Homepage
Brand Evolution

Wishing to be more approachable, all photography was directly to be soft and show doctor-patient relationships. The brand was also softened by reimagining all colors and fonts and by adding a supportive iconography system to clearly display what all VitaLink offered.

VitaLink Research Cards Animation VitaLink Research Icons Animation
VitaLink Research Logo Animation VitaLink Research Dropdown Animation
Database Driven Website

During a time of expansion, VitaLink wanted to look cohesive and marketable for acquisition, so we worked with their limited database of locations, doctors, and therapeutic areas to create a network that would be both easy to navigate as a user, while also easy to populate for VitaLink.

VitaLink Research CMS Database Animation